Teaching concept

MEIE Digital kindergarten elementary curriculum is designed to help children to adapt to the challenges of the modern digital society.

Digital technologies and digital competence is not the same as video games or robotics
Digital technologies have come to be indispensable. Year after year they rapidly change not only the lives of adults but also the lives of children. With such a pace, the importance of digital competencies for pre-schoolers cannot be overestimated.

What do we know about digital competencies of pre-schoolers? How do we measure, changes, and develop such skills? How can we help our children to face the world of digits and codes?

Answering to such questions is the new education programme by the Ministry of Education (Koolieelse lasteasutuse seadus. Koolieelse lasteasutuse riiklik õppekava. Haridusvaldkonna arengukava 2021-2035).

Keeping pace with the digital world, MEIE Kindergarten is creating the future by teaching children to understand, embrace, and apply digital competencies in the day-to-day lives.
We teach children how to avail information technologies to gain access to educational resources that help them in their learning. With the help of computer games or online educational materials, children can study mathematics, improve their command of Estonian and English, embrace the world of nature, and develop communication skills.
We teach children how to use digital technologies to help them develop their creative and social skills. With the help of computer programs children can create exciting cartoons that develop imagination and creativity,
We teach children that digital competencies contribute to the safe use of the Internet. Children who know how to protect themselves online can prevent the risk of cyberbullying.
Last but not least, we teach children how to use cyber technologies to achieve success in everything they do.
MEIE Digital kindergarten lays the foundation of successful future for your children:
  1. Children know how to apply digital technologies to solve a variety of different cases.
  2. Children know how to pretect themselves in the web against common digital threats.
  3. Children know how to use digital technologies in real life.
  4. Children know the basics of robotics.
  5. Children can create quality digital content including images, video and audio, and basic animated movies.
  6. Children have practical skills and knowledge that help them to continue learning digital technologies in the future.

Apart from the elementary programme, MEIE Digital kindergarten enhances the curriculum with:
  • The Ministry of Education approved programme 2035
  • English speaking club
  • Estonian language for daily use
  • Chess
  • Choreography
  • School of nature
  • Theatre
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